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December 21, 2016
हर नक़्श-ए-पा बुलंद है दीवार की तरह
December 26, 2016

Not To Have a Plan

Tasveer Hasan


I’ve found myself falling in love with unfamiliarity too often. I hate routine. I crave for new beginnings every once in a while. The comfort of a routine is addictive, but getting out there without a plan to lean back, that’s something I want to live for. To look forward to the adventures the day brings, that’s what brightens up my mood.
I hate monotone.

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I want to see places with my own eyes. I want to be wherever the roads take me. I want to be amazed by the sun setting down into the sea, into the sand dunes or behind the mountains. I want to be amazed by the birds that go back to their nests at dusk. I want to be taken aback by the huge fishes in the sea. I want to be surprised by the people and their stories everywhere.

I want to travel. I want to wake up at a new place every day. I want to wake up and then make a plan. I want to look forward to the joys and wonders of the world. I want to find the balance in my life before I even think of settling down.

I hate monotone because it slowly eats you up from the inside. Waking up every day to do the same things all over again, it’s fatal to the soul. I hate monotone because it affects what you’re meant to be. It forces you to be a part of the system. It forces you to be a part of something else instead of being your own true self. I hate monotone because it stops you from figuring out what you want to be because you’re always busy following the set schedule.

Most people panic at the thought of not having a plan, of not having a place to go to, of not having someone to go back to. I, on the other hand, yearn for the same.

I’m the type which most people call a wanderlust. My plan is not to have a plan.