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November 25, 2014
An Evening with Shamim Abbas
March 20, 2015

Bewajah Offsite

The first Bewajah Yatra, when it was planned as Bewajah Offsite. The destination was a small campsite near the Corbett National Park. The people who joined us had been a part of all our small and big activities, from the fun Mornings to the interesting Dopahar and the entertaining evenings. We got the support of Wildrift Adventures, who planned our entire trip.

A small group of people filled Bewajah madness took a bus and the journey began. From the flat monotony of city life, and to wrap the idea of Bewajah around the lives of people, Bewajah took the travellers on a unique road to art, fun and serenity. The Camp Kyari is situated near a small village called Syat. There were tents available for the stay and the embrace of nature for our on-going activities of madness, discussion over art, reading, literature and getting some time to explore our own ideas. Camp Kyari was a beautiful place in the lap of nature and a little bonfire, some songs and poetry made it even friendlier.

Some games of creating art with paint and paper, using adventurous routes for small treks.  And the most memorable thing was the food. The amazing meal prepared from the fresh vegetables brought in from the village with its smoky raw flavour that stimulated the taste buds of an over exhausted body and a worked out mind. It’s hard to forget the small picnic on the bank of the river. And savouring the perfect taste of the tehri, in that afternoon, from a wonderful cook that still remains fresh in the memories.


Duration: 19th Dec to 22nd Dec 2014

Destination: Camp Kyari, Syat, Uttarakhand.