From Words to Life: an introduction to poetry
September 3, 2017
A Bewajah Evening with Sudhansu Firdaus
September 17, 2017

Rahi Ki Nazar Se

The works of Rahi Masoom Raza has a tone of sincerity in them, the kind of undertone that an author uses to document the world of their times. The author of several books, short story collections, film scripts and the popular television serial Mahabharata under the B R Chopra banners, Rahi had his birthday on the 1st of September. Though, while going through his interviews we learned that the popular date of his birthday is due to a printing mistake and his original birthdate was 1st of August.

Nevertheless, we decided to celebrate his works in the month of September and organised a small session to introduce people to his work, life, and perspective. Masto, a die-hard fan of Rahi and his work, poured out all his knowledge and love regarding the author in one session, going through the variety of it all—poetry, prose, interviews, scripts. At every point, we discovered something more about the author. The tragedy of Topi and his friendship, the life of the people in Aadha Gaaon, and his vision in his shayaris, there was a quick glimpse of it all in just one session.

The audience received our love for the works of Rahi Masoom Raza and a list of works that they might read soon.



Date: 16th September 2017

Time: 5 PM

Speaker: Masto

Venue: Bewajah Café