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Open Up Development Program


Every child should be capable of understanding the choices in life that enriches their experience as a member of society. In Indian classrooms, a child often tackles situations where their thoughts and feelings are undermined with regards to their age. Hence, they do not learn how to recognize, manage, and develop their emotions, losing their power of expression and self-confidence and growing up as adults who do not fully...[read more]

Project Ahinsa


Project Ahinsa is a youth-centric journey to develop young people's solidarity and leadership spirit. The program builds knowledge of the Indian social fabric through the systemic lens of caste, class, gender, and intersectionality. The term Ahinsa has a deep historical meaning in Indian society. Summarising the centuries of work and practise on the topic, we have categorised it...[read more]

Our Goals


Journey in numbers



  • Aga Khan Foundation
  • Medha
  • India Sanitation Coalition
  • National Highway Authority of India

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