The evening of late autumn and a gathering of poetry etches an image of beauty, peace, and love. This fascination towards beauty made us invite the prominent Urdu poet of modern India, Tasneef Haidar to Bewajah Café for an evening of poetry recitation. Tasneef carries his own style and theme and his work tends to explore love in the physical aspects of life that explore the theme without hesitation. A silent personality of Tasneef explodes with a resonance of words that grasp the ears and the imagination when he is on stage.

Tasneef Haidar runs a website called Adbi Duniya, compiling a collection of Urdu works and has made a profound catalogue in audio form. The collection of his work is published under the title Naye Tamashon Ka Shahar.

Tasneef shared his works with our audience, talking about his experience of love, people and relationships with mesmerizing images and words. His idea of love goes beyond the souls of lovers and unite them into a bond of a substantial form that drives our behaviour and thoughts. In a small interaction with the people, he shared his favourite books and movies and discussed how love is not a restrained concept but exists without boundaries and in layers all around us.



Date: 8th Oct 2017

Time: 16:00

Poet: Tasneef Haidar

Venue: Bewajah Café