The project started as an early effort to connect the idea of Bewajah and using the tools of theatre in the act of learning. The essence of Project Shramdaan was to bring in volunteers who are ready to donate nothing but their labour and strength to the underprivileged children that we looked for all across the city. Collaborating with two NGOs of Lucknow, who are active in the field, Sanatkada and Swantatra Taalim, we marked two locations in the city where we could conduct the workshops.

The workshops included a fifteen-day session of teaching basic theatre to the children in that area and concluding it with a small performance. Before the workshop, we announced our requirement for volunteers and brought together a team of enthusiastic youngsters who attended a small workshop of basic theatre for five days under the supervision of Arav Aryavanshi.

The trained volunteers went to the two locations (in Daliganj and Garhi Kanaura) and conducted a successful workshop with the cheerful kids. We are not surprised to say that we left the locations with happy memories.



Duration: 13th June to 28th June, 2016

Team: Arav Aryavanshi, Shagun Bajpai, Akash Pal, Sweekrit Bajpai, Suyash Bajpai

Locations: Garhi Kanaura, Daliganj

Associates: Sanatkada, Swantantra Taalim