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October 20, 2017
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October 24, 2017

How to compensate for the deaths in a nonviolent action?



Nothing in the world can compensate the loss of a human life. It becomes even more tormenting when people stand up without arms against an opponent that does not hesitate from the use of force and violence. We have seen several examples of death and destruction in many such movements. And there is no manner in which, the leader or the people connected to that movement or actions can compensate the loss of those lives.

A nonviolent action is driven by that same idea and therefore we refrain from taking any such action that might result in the same. A success that comes at the cost of only replacing your opponent with people who are ready to take the exact actions is not a victory worth celebrating. Replacing the idea that the lives of the people in opposition are expendable and laying down the foundation of equality is something that can only be achieved through nonviolence.

Violence has the tendency of celebrating death in a conflict as martyrdom, while nonviolence focuses on how to achieve success without treating people as a spendable resource.



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