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Masto is the founder of Bewajah, a dream which he shaped from his over ten years of experience in the field of arts and theatre. Starting his journey quite conventionally as an engineer he ventured into the field of theatre and arts. There he discovered his passion in writing and worked on many scripts, plays, and lyrics. Experiencing the impact of arts on his life, Masto gravitated towards the idea of using arts to build meaningful experiences for young people. Deeply influenced by Gandhi’s vision of self-reliant and active youth, he aimed to build an inclusive, democratic space through different programs at Bewajah. Following his passion for storytelling, he is also a visiting faculty for Storytelling at NIFT, Raebareli. He also performs storytelling for adolescents on different subjects.

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Starting her journey as a lawyer, Prasanna showed her spirit to explore and learn by engaging with multiple projects and fields throughout her career. She has worked as a legal and strategic consultant to environmental organisations, been part of projects where she managed government engagements, handled partnerships, curriculum design, program monitoring, and session facilitation. An ardent traveller and an artist at heart, she scoped out areas where she can find the culmination of her passion for social change and personal growth. Bringing her enthusiasm and focus to Bewajah, Prasanna enhances the core of the organisation.

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A vibrant member of the founding team, Ananya has worked for over ten years in the field of theatre and education. Working as a theatre educator, Ananya crafted spaces for adolescents to express and themselves and explore their horizons. Her work is informed by an ever-growing curiosity and an attempt to instill joy in the hearts of children. Using the experience of various theatre groups and classes in Lucknow, Canberra, Bengaluru, and Vellore, she has added a unique spirit of inquiry to the theatre-based sessions. Informed by her education on child development and use of theatre in education, Ananya brings a child’s perspective to the sessions and designs of the curriculum.

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Always referred to as Dv, started as a volunteer of Bewajah. Over the time, his focus area expanded to variety of subjects, inquiring, and investigating new ideas that can enhance and shape the vision of the organisation as well as the person himself. The scope of his work reaches inside-out of the organisation, from working on the communication materials to writing content, to research and creating curriculum content for the programs. His work has also covered analysis and investigation of themes and ideas in popular media and using a critical lens of caste, class, and gender to analyse the cultural trends and behaviour.

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