What is Bewajah about?

Bewajah is a non-profit organisation that works in the field of culture, theatre and social sector. Using all three together Bewajah organises events, workshops and other unique programs for learning and entertainment at the same time.

What is Bewajah Café? Is this a real café?

Bewajah Café is the name given to the YouTube channel of Bewajah, as well as the main office. Yes, it is also a real Café now, running only on weekends, mostly during a performance at the Studio Theatre. The Café and the office are open to the public on Sundays or you can pay a friendly or professional visit to us any other day you want.

What’s this Studio Theatre?

The Studio Theatre is a small theatre auditorium built in a cosy space. In Lucknow, we tried to create something similar at the Bewajah Café. It is also a studio, where we conduct discussions and workshops with scholars and professionals from time to time.

How to attend the shows of Bewajah or be a part of these programs?

Most of our programs are open to the public, sometimes there is an entry charge, a ticket, or an RSVP required to attend the program. You can get the details about all this on the event pages on either the website or the Facebook page. You can also register as a member to attend our programs, where we will keep you updated about our activities.

I’m not a regular user of Facebook. Is there any way I can find out about your events?

The best way to go about it is you can register as a member on our website, provide us with your contact details and we will be giving you updates on our programs through SMS and emails.

How to be a member of Bewajah?

It’s very simple. You will find a registration button in the footer. Go to the link and fill out the details. We promise we’ll never let you miss out on any event in the future.

I’m a writer/poet/actor or have an interest in the field. What can Bewajah do for me?

This is a tricky question. Yes, you must definitely get in touch with us. Though, we can't promise you if we’ll always have something suitable enough going to be working in full tandem. It depends on skill to skill, artist to artist and person to person. We could have a cup of chai together and gradually see how we butt it off.Feel free to reach out.

I want to join theatre. What’s the procedure?

If you are a theatre artist or want to learn theatre and come to us for guidance, we are sorry but there is no immediate solution. The best way to start theatre is through a theatre workshop. From time to time we conduct such workshops and you can visit the theatre page and register for any such future projects. Whenever the opportunity knocks we will get in touch with you.

Tip: One of the first things that you can do in the meanwhile is start attending more theatre shows and try to, at first hand, become a regular audience. Observation is the first step. Any kind of theatre, happening anywhere in your city; go and watch and learn.

I saw this volunteer form on the homepage. What’s it about? Can I volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer for our events, but there’s just one tiny clause, we expect you to be physically fit and a little young. People who don’t hesitate and roll up their sleeves whenever it’s required. Also, if you are not interested in arts and social work, we won’t suggest that it’s a good idea. We try to create an environment of learning and growing for ourselves and everyone who’s related to us. We want minds who labour for art, culture and society.

I liked the Bewajah blog and want to know if there’s any way that I can contribute to it?

Yes. Don’t hesitate about it. Drop us a mail regarding your plans on info@bewajah.in and we’ll get in touch with you. We post blogs in Hindi and English, mostly prose, but that shouldn’t stop you from reaching out.

How can I join the team of Bewajah?

The question isn’t how, but why. And if the answer is satisfactory, we might tell you about an opening in the team. See, the thing is, we don’t offer jobs. It’s an NGO and mostly we deal with non-profit activities. So, the paygrade isn’t high. We hope it will be in the future. But, right now, we don’t have much to offer in return except a good learning experience and maybe a chance to some social service and probably some compensation in cash for all of your hard work. If you’re interested in these things and have enough time to spare in your hands, then write to us at info@bewajah.in and we will figure out what we can do.