An Evening with Shamim Abbas
March 20, 2015
Workshop In Springdale Schools
June 11, 2015

Yatra Of Mukteshwar

In the hills of Mukteshwar we found our stop at Camp Purple in the light rain, fading rainbow and lap of nature. The ambiance and the company were no less beautiful in the second round of the journey, now known as Bewajah Yatra, than the place itself. So the journey took us to the amazing Camp Purple and luckily, we found rain surveying the hills and slopes of Mukteshwar with us.

The Yatra involved trekking through the forests around us after dark. The sound of birds accompanying us as we sat down and enjoyed the sun leaving us and coming back in the morning to wake us out of our sombre sleep. One of the best part, though was discovering a small waterfall in the deep forests, rushing out of the rocks to meet a serene pond of the purest water we had ever come across, where we spend a good amount of our time, relaxing in the lap of nature. We found ourselves one afternoon sitting on the bank of the river, lost in ourselves, and trying to find the hidden images in the papers we had with paint. Can’t say we came across any artistic masterpiece, but the experience itself was purifying. Every stroke on the paper released a burden out of our souls.

The adventure games like rock climbing, were no less intriguing, apart from these mind-stimulating activities. The memories of that journey were also captured among the letters that everyone wrote for their close ones, sitting on the edge of those rocks.


Duration: 15th to 17th May 2015

Destination: Camp Purple, Mukteshwar