Project Ahinsa

The Project Ahinsa tries to develop a strong community of goal-oriented youth that can build inclusive space in the society to achieve sustainable peace. Violence adversely impacts every aspect of development. We use the understanding of nonviolent method that prevents violent methods and tactics from all forms of actions to create a more resilient, aware and responsible youth that actively works for their development. These youth understand the value of peace and harmony in a society. They build together and sustain inclusive spaces where diversity and differences are celebrated and discourse is a means for growth and learning. We annually organise a promotional event under the banner of Ahinsa Festival to spread the idea for sustainable peace and harmony.


Violence in its all forms adversely affects development and all its aspects.

Be it institutional violence, physical violence or other forms of action taken with the intent of harm can severe the growth of not only individual members of the society, but also disturb the functioning of the democratic and peaceful society. Violence faced by youth forms an acceptance in young minds towards the use of violence and force for personal gains. When individuals grow up identifying violence as another means of action to get an end result, it produces corruptible members of society, who lack the resilience to withstand institutional violence and often lose track of the democratic values. Highlighted in the SDG #16 and the Fundamental Duties of Citizens (of India), violence is one of the major for a peaceful and democratic society to aim for sustainable development.

An intervention that allows children and youth to understand and explore the idea of tackling violence in its all forms and opting for more peaceful and democratic means of actions will pave the way for preparing goal-oriented and action-driven youth for our country. Project Ahinsa is a summation of years nonviolent struggles and the theories regarding nonviolent actions.

Our focus is to use theatre activities in experiential workshops to impart three values in the youth.

What We Do