Bewajah Ke Log

The small group of people behind all those wonderful moments you share with Bewajah


A prominent name in the world of theatre writing in Lucknow, Masto, is an art and life practitioner. He has composed several poems, is a teacher of art of theatre as well as a playwright. Through Bewajah and his other ventures, he has produced, written and promoted several plays and many other social-cultural activities of different tastes.

Apurva Shah

A filmmaker, theatre artist, actor, director and a great coordinator. With her experience in films and television, Apurva works with Bewajah to teach theatre as a performing art and as a tool of living. She has worked with kids of all ages, has directed and acted in several plays and knows how to keep the Bewajah spirit alive.

Jeevan Singh Rawat

One of the finest actors in the city of Lucknow, his presence on the stage has rendered many speechless. Jeevan has worked with filmmakers in Mumbai and has a running career as a casting director. With his experience he has managed to beautifully direct commercial ads and a feature film. He is truly a gem of Lucknow’s theatre.

Ananya Pandey

A research scholar who is trying to understand and study theatre in all its various forms and its impact on life. Her personality is a complete contrast to the seriousness of her work. With her knowledge of theatre and arts, Ananya has worked with children, teaching and guiding them on different things using drama as a tool.

Mayank Gautam

A genius photographer who knows the tricks of the trade. He has done remarkable work with his photography and film-making skills and has a long running experience in theatre; so a man who can perform in front of and behind the camera.

Alisha Asif

With a child residing within her heart, she is a wonderful social worker who has worked with kids, teaching them, learning with them and exploring the phases of life that those tender hearts hoard in themselves. Alisha is learning to understand the elders through the eyes of the young. She has also worked as a content writer, penning her thoughts whenever the moment asks for it.


Not-your-average-writer Divyanshu has been spreading his brand of creative crazy at the Bewajah House for the last couple of years. A part time blogger and a full time writer-in-the-making, Dv is partial towards western classical music, home made daal-chawal and girls who don’t giggle. Having found his voice with a couple of scripts and plays, Dv is currently working on his debut novel.