We are a small family..That tries to change the norms of society and art in the simplest of the ways. Bewajah is made up of like-minded people who do not think that art should be given a sacred place on the shelves, but should reside in the hearts of the people it supports.

The problem..These like-minded people do what they can, to save and promote various art forms and make them more reachable to the people we serve. We had started with the love and support of those who understood us and accepted our acts, and honestly, we are never short on such love. But sometimes, unfortunately, it is not enough.

Solution..If you are still reading then it seems that you may be interested in what we have to say and whatever Bewajah is about. So, in the old fashioned way, if you think that our efforts mean something, if Bewajah had been able to help think more about art and your city, if we have ever brought a smile on your face, if you think that our team members are good looking, then we would be very grateful to accept a small token of your love to support us.

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