Studio Theatre Festival Season 2

The Studio Theatre Festival is back for season 2. Once again, this year, we will be showcasing handpicked, unique plays at the Bewajah Café Studio Theatre. All the plays will compete to win the hearts of the audience and the jury and present us some amazing performances back to back for three days.

Anyone can join

If you are a theatre artist or even remotely interested in theatre, then select a script, take up a team (or go solo) and design a play in accordance with the space and built of the Studio Theatre. Three final entries will be selected to perform at the festival on one of the dates, between 20th, 21st & 22nd September. The best performance, which will have the most points from the audience and our special jury, will win the rewards in three categories:

Best Play
Best Actor
Best Director

It's very simple.

We have set a registration fees of ₹365 with the concept of (₹1/day) to maintain the functionality of the Studio Theatre.
Just fill the form below and provide us your details. Then, send the complete script of the play to
Someone will get in touch with you after we have received your details regarding the method of payment. Please read the terms and conditions (at the bottom) carefully before submitting the form.

For details and enquiries, contact:

  • 1st August to 20th AugustForm Screening

  • 24th to 25th AugustAudition

  • 1st SeptemberPlays Announced

  • 20th to 22nd SeptemberFestival

Entries Open For









Terms and Conditions:

1. Director of the play must be 18 or above. no age restrictions for the rest of the team.
2. Play must be designed for the Studio Theatre at Bewajah Cafe, keeping in mind the size of the performance area. No alterations to the theatre hall (seating and design) are allowed.
3. The duration of the play must be 60 to 90 minutes.
4. Participants will have to manage all the set, costume, make-up and property requirements.
5. Apart from the design and setup of the Studio Theatre, no extra technical resources (such as lights and sound system) will be provided. The participants will have to manage these resources on their own.
6. Only one entry will be permitted for one director.
7. One actor can only perform in one play.
8. Each play will have to present two shows back to back on the day of the performance.