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September 16, 2017
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September 24, 2017

A Bewajah Evening with Sudhansu Firdaus

Our love for poetry knows no end. We took a stroll down the memory lane and decided that many of those poets we had called a few years ago have composed some new works and are getting the much-deserved praise everywhere. So, we decided to pick a name and settled upon Sudhansu Firdaus for a complete evening dedicated to his work. Sudhansu had been a part of a previous Bewajah Evening with Ameer Imam a few years ago. This time, we called him out to recite his new compositions at the Studio Theatre of Bewajah Café.

The program received a warm response from the audience, who enjoyed every word coming from Sudhansu’s mouth. He went through his works, slightly touching the topics of political scenarios, complexities of life and how he sees the elements of nature providing him comfort from the vicissitudes. He started with small compositions and then raised the bar when he went on to recite his much-celebrated work Kalidas Ka Apurna Kathageet. The tale of every Kalidas around us so mesmerised with the flamboyancy of arts and artists around and yet missing the core of our heart, which we leave behind.

The evening could not have seen a better ending for itself than to hear him read from one of his latest composition Sookhte Talaab Ki Murgabiyan. This tale of the partition of India and the rift in our modern lives because of a simple action by a few powerful men etches a caricature of hidden thoughts that we chase for hours after the evening is over.



Date: 17th September 2017

Time: 7:00 PM

Poet: Sudhansu Firdaus

Venue: Bewajah Café