Bewajah in Dankudi
March 3, 2016
Inner Side Of Media
May 8, 2016


Dopehri is a novella written by Pankaj Kapur.
The man himself returned to Lucknow after 20 years for a performance. He takes the stage and reads out the novella with music and dramatic lighting to support the amazing flow of the story. Bewajah collaborated with Petrichor Emerging Technologies and invited the fountain of talent, Pankaj Kapur to Lucknow for his performance.

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Dopehri narrates the story of an old woman living alone in Lucknow. It’s the story of Amma Bi, spending her prime in loneliness, discovering aspects of life through a journey into memories, and comparing it with her presence. When the voice of Pankaj Kapur booms from the stage, the audience listens glued to their seats, holding their breath. The response from our lovely audience was immense. The love of people of Lucknow for Bewajah and Pankaj Kapur was beyond the capacity of any auditorium to contain. They laughed and lived with the story of Amma Bi and by the end of the performance there wasn’t a dry in the hall.

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The experience was amazing, mostly the part of bringing a story about Lucknow to its original place. The writer took us through the same old streets and houses of Lucknow with his own, new perspective and love.

Date: 1st May 2016

Time: 8:00 PM

Venue: UP Sangeet Natak Academy, Lucknow

Performer: Pankaj Kapur