Bewajah was about to complete its three years and in its infancy, it has received a lot. The year 2016 started with an amazing Dastangoi performance, a beautiful Yatra through Uttarakhand and witnessed an amazing performance from the Pankaj Kapur. But what people had been missing was the fun of the Bewajah Mornings. We also realised that it had been a long time since we made people get up early in the morning and take them on a simple adventure in their heads by exhausting their body.

This time there was a new face to Bewajah, a fresh team and bigger projects in hand. But we didn’t have to miss out on the fun and couldn’t forget from where we had started. So we blew the trumpet and called out all the old faces, who were missing going out with us and the new ones, who had heard about the mornings and wanted to witness the madness.

We went back to Residency and gathered the amazing crowd, rekindled the memories, sang a few songs, made lots of noises and tried to act out some funny stories that we could up create. We listened to some amazing poetries and made journeys into our childhood once again and read out funny stories that gave us a strong nostalgia. We also started to visit new places in Lucknow by shifting the venue to Janeshwar Misra Park and realised that the journey through this amazing city just never stops.

Duration: Monsoon 2016

Time: 6:00 AM

Venue: Various