Bewajah expanded its boundaries when it went to the Hardoi branch of the Seth M R Jaipuria School and conducted a Bewajah Open Up session on an upgraded level. Along with the 15 days of theatre workshop for the kids, we also had a dance class and a photography workshop for the students of Seth M R Jaipuria School.

During the summer vacation of 2016, the faculty of the school in Hardoi announced a Bewajah Open Up session in their summer camp. As usual we conducted a fifteen-day long workshop of basic theatre, concluding it with a small skit about the awareness regarding environment safety. The workshop is designed to enhance the public speaking skills of the kids and helps them to overcome their stage fright. But why stop at that? We added a small dance workshop under the Atul Mane and Pooja Singh. Preparing a small performance with about twenty kids, while they shared some groundwork knowledge on preparing a performance and bucket full of fun. Our camera genius, Tasveer Hasan also conducted a quick five-day photography workshop with the kids and teachers, teaching the elements of framing, light and working their way around the gadgets.

All of this summed up as a performance on the final day where the proud parents of these gems applauded and cheered their hearts out to these heart-felt amazing performances. We left Hardoi with memories and promises to come back for more.

Duration: May 2016


Theatre: Apurva Shah, Anshul Shukla Arav Aryavanshi

Dance: Atul Mane, Pooja Singh

Photography: Tasveer Hasan

Associate: Seth M R Jaipuria School, Hardoi